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Delta Dental Individual Plan Option for Retirees and Alternative to COBRA

In addition to selling dental benefits to employer groups, Delta Dental also has dental benefits for individuals. These plans are available for Iowa residents in all stages of life — from retirees to self-employed individuals to college students.

Delta Dental offers two plans:

  • The Preferred Choice plan provides benefits for preventive services such as check-ups and cleanings, while providing coverage for major dental services.
  • The Preventive plan is designed for individuals that want benefits for routine dental check-ups, x-rays and cleanings.

Monthly premiums for the Preferred Choice plan start at $36 and the Preventive plan premiums start at $18.

If you have employees that are retiring or looking for dental benefit alternatives to COBRA, please direct them to the Delta Dental of Iowa website or call us at 877-423-3582.

Vision, Your Most Important Sense — Critical to Your Overall Health

While most Americans say their sight is their most important sense, less than 50 percent get eye exams more frequently than every two years. One in five people are at risk for vision loss, and many of these problems could have been addressed through preventive care.

Annual eye exams can help correct vision problems. In addition, comprehensive eye exams can also reveal the warning signs of more serious undiagnosed health problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

No matter what the age, eye exams are important for our productivity and health. That’s why including vision benefits as a part of your overall employee benefits is so important. For more information on adding DeltaVision to your employee benefits, contact your broker, Delta Dental representative at 877-423-3582, or visit

Delta Dental Offers Insurance Exchange Guidance to States

Delta Dental and the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP) recently issued a jointly-authored white paper, “Offering Dental Benefits in Health Exchanges: A Roadmap for Federal and State Policymakers,” aimed at helping state and federal policymakers ensure that people have access to the dental plan of their choice.

The white paper addresses the need for regulatory clarification at the federal level to ensure millions of Americans are able to maintain their dental benefits coverage without interruption. It also provides common sense solutions for state exchange decision makers. Some of the key subjects covered include:

  • How to ensure that people are able to comparison shop on exchanges
  • How to ensure transparency so that people shopping for dental benefits know what they are getting for their dollar
  • How to ensure that family dental plans are not disrupted
  • How to maximize competition among carriers to the benefit of consumers
  • How to ensure that parents aren’t forced to purchase duplicative dental coverage for their children

To access the white paper or an executive summary, please visit the ACA section of the national Delta Dental website.

Delta Dental of Iowa Wraps-Up United Way Campaign

Pictured from L to R: Donn Hutchins, President and CEO of Delta Dental; Cheryl Harding, Delta Dental of Iowa United Way Chair; and Nikki Harrison, United Way of Central Iowa Loaned Executive.

Delta Dental of Iowa employees, along with the company’s matching gift program, contributed more than $68,625 to United Way of Central Iowa.

Delta Dental and its employees have a history of supporting United Way. Throughout the month of September and October, employees participated in many fundraising events such as a bake sale, silent auction and chili cook-off to raise money for United Way.

Oral Health IQ: Keep Your Sweet Tooth Intact this Holiday Season
This column on oral health can be used for your own internal newsletters or other employee communications.

For most Americans, the holiday season is a time for friends and family. It’s also a time for sharing delicious holiday meals and sweets. We all know how easy it is to overdo it during the holidays, but did you know too much of a good thing doesn’t just apply to your waist line? It also applies to your gum line.

The stickier the food the less likely it will be washed away by saliva. Holiday favorites such as fruit cakes, caramels and peanut brittle can stick to teeth and cause acid to be produced by the bacteria in your mouth. This acid eats away at your tooth enamel and can cause cavities and other oral health problems. Here are some great holiday snacking tips to help keep your sweet tooth intact:

  • If you must have sweets, eat them with a meal. Saliva production increases during meals which can help neutralize the acid being produced and rinse food particles from the mouth.
  • Stay away from between-meal snacks. If you are craving a snack, choose nutritious foods or consider chewing sugarless gum that contains xylitol afterward. Xylitol has been shown to inhibit bacteria growth and also increase saliva flow.
  • Drink more water. Consuming optimally fluoridated water can help prevent tooth decay and rinse away food particles.
  • Brush your teeth twice daily and floss at least once a day.
  • Visit your dentist regularly.

For more tips on keeping your smile healthy during the holidays, visit Delta Dental’s Monthly Mouthful website at

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